How Do We Protect You?

Our Procedure

Below is the extensive procedure we follow to ensure transaction safety.



The seller and buyer agree on a set price and payment method. We inspirit both parties to know precisely how they would like the deal to commence and what all will be included in the transaction prior to starting a transaction through us. Once these prerequisites have been met, the seller can then list the account through our client panel. After listing the account, the buyer can furthermore attempt to make an offer for the account and the seller can either approve or decline the offer.



We take extensive precautions to assure account security and customer authenticity during every transaction. Prior to making any listing, every seller has to manually verify the account by putting a randomly generated code from our company in the bio of the account being sold. After the code has been inputted into the bio, the account is then approved. Under buyer discretion, we can further verify account ownership if it is requested.


Legal binding

If requested by both parties, we do offer legal binding accommodations just as another layer of protection. Our legal team writes up a sales contract specific to your transaction, with all of the demands from both parties. Prior to having our team write up the contract, we manually verify with both individuals that the terms we are given to write the contract on follows both parties requests. We do not charge extra for the contract, however we have a bare minimum of $1,000 transactions that can opt for the sales contract.



The final process is the transfer of goods. After the buyer has made an offer for the account, and the offer has been approved, the buyer will be contacted through the email on file with an invoice for the exact amount and payment method that was acceded upon. In the email, there's a link that redirects the buyer to a payment gateway, after the money has been transferred and verified, the account details are then emailed to the buyer. Utilizing our custom invoice gateway, the buyer cannot make a mendacious claim and chargeback the funds.

Getting Started

Below you can find a tutorial on how to initiate a listing for your account.

Prior to making a listing through us, it's recommended that both parties come to a set price and payment method. This is to save time and get the transaction flowing as efficiently as possible. You can view all of our accepted payment methods below, and inquire to us about specific methods that are not listed.

You then can login to our client panel (the login/register button in the top right) and go under the 'List New Account' section. After clicking it, you will be prompted with a form that is to be filled out with the information relevant to the transaction.

After submitting your account, there will be a verification process that takes place (roughly 5-10 minutes) to insure account legitimacy. Once your account has been verified, one of our agents will reach out to you via one of the contact methods listed in your submission or through live chat.

Once we've reached out to you and verified all payment addresses and payment information, we then recommend the seller to notify the buyer the account is ready to be purchased. The buyer will then come to our website and go under the listing and purchase it. Once the payment has been issued, we wait until it has been confirmed and then transfer the account credentials to the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of the most common questions we receive along with their answers.


This is one of our most asked questions we receive, and the answer is no. We take very precise precuations to ensure that no information on your account will be tampered with until you receive, and verify the payment.


In this case, depending on the final sale price we will approach the situation accordingly. We will first confront the seller to try and figure out what happened, if the seller does not cooperate, then the buyer has one of two options... The buyer can either decide to pursue the case legally (with the assistance of AccountFlip) or, the seller can issue a refund/provide the account back to the buyer.


Once the buyer has secured the account and changed credentials, as long as the account is not pulled back within 48 hours, the account is non-refundable.


Yes, our number one priority is safety and security during the transaction. We value our customers and ensure that the transaction goes as smooth as possible in order to provide a happy experience for both parties.


Yes, we do charge a 5% fee of the final sale price. This is automatically deducted from the price when the buyer initiated the payment.


If this occurs, there has most likely been an issue with account verification. We do advise you to contact our live support if the verification process has exceeded 10 minutes.

Accepted Payment Methods

Below are some of the payment methods that are compatible with our service, for payment methods not listed below we encourage you to contact our support.

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