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Peer-to-peer Transactions

We take pride in dealing with our customers on a person to person level. We feel that this engages both parties in the transaction and is the safest way in order to ensure both parties get their desired product.

Guaranteed Delivery

Using our service, we guarantee your desired account to be delivered to you after we have confirmed payment has been sent. Using us you never have to worry about paying and not getting your account!


Good relations with customers is key for any successful cooperation. We are bound to high standards and we guarantee high quality of service at a competitive price.

Cheap and Safe

We strive to offer our service at affordable, competitive pricing. We only require 5% of the sale price, the rest of the money goes directly to the seller.


Wherever you are, whenever you need us, someone at AccountFlip is online to support you. Contact us to learn more.


We take pride in the amount of prosperous transactions we have safeguarded. We've secured over 500 transactions and dealt with over $75,000 in products, these numbers are perpetually growing.


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256-bit secuerd forms
Guaranteed product delivery
Live support around the clock
Established business with trademarks
Instant payment delivery
Policies to protect both parties
Verified account authenticity
Agents specialized to meet your specific needs
Optionable legal binding for both parties

Frequently Asked Questions

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From our automated Instagram integration to our dedicated support team we over extensive features that our competitors do not. Using our service, you're automatically ensued under policies protecting both parties. Meaning; if you were to somehow lose your funds or your account, we have refund policies set in place to restitute either or to the fullest. We additionally have automated Instagram account integration to verify the accounts getting listed on our site are genuine and authentic. This averts any maleficent intent from any individual falsely claiming ownership of an account. We also charge a very minimal fee, compared to our competitors we have among the lowest percentage of the final sale price that is taken.


Using our service, it's proximate to impossible to ever lose your account during a transaction. However, since it is such a commonly asked question we figured we'd reassure our users as to what would happen. If your account is lost or pulled back during any transaction, we have extensive policies under our trademark that would bulwark you. This includes but is not inhibited to licit prosecution, endeavors to contact both parties to get to the bottom of of the situation, and if all else fails a full refund for the sale price of the account from our company. We take customer security very earnest and take extensive precautions to ascertain the account is safe and not tampered with.


While our service is primarily Instagram centered, we do accept orders for a wide variety of other social media platforms or gaming services! Examples include Snapchat, Twitter, Fortnite, and various other platforms. Our automated service currently does not supported transactions through platforms apart from Instagram, so dealing with other platforms you will need to speak with a representative directly to get your deal initialized. You can contact a representative either by live chat or by sending us an email, both of those options you can find further down on the page!


AccountFlip has a fully customized Instagram integration program where users are forced to either put a code a code in their bio to verify account ownership, or speak with a representative to verify account ownership. With this process it's impossible for ny fake account, or illegitimate account owner to list a page. All the pages that are listed on our site have been proven ownership and verified the authenticity of the page.

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